Collection: Part 2


Waterlow Park Project


Brief: In ‘Park’, you will extend your investigation of materials, but this time with the clear aim of manipulating them in response to a space or site located within Waterlow Park (see as well separate ‘The Park’ Project). This is an extended period (three weeks) allowing you to learn and develop essential basic skills needed to build and install a site-specific work. These skills will increase your confidence and ability to realise ideas and therefore stretch your ambitions. Risk assessment will be an essential tool in this project, as the outcomes will be made for the general public

Initial Ideas and Themes.

My first thoughts were to create something either in response to the parks natural elements or the historical factors that the park has. To create a sculpture that relates to the park and has a connection to it was fundamental to me. As being site-specific played a crucial element to the success of the sculpture. I know for certain that if I were to create something too alien or has too deep of a contrast to the site it would not sit right in the location. Nor would it be successful in the sense that park users would enjoy it. 

So already from these thoughts I knew that the park and its significance will influence the way the sculpture will develop. As creating these 'successes' in the sculpture will be determined upon how well it correlates to the park and its surroundings. Another aspect to the sculpture that I realised to be of the upmost importance is to be aware of how the sculpture may affect the park. So the materials used needs to not cause any harm to the environment nor cause any threat to a member of the general public. Not only that but the material used need to be able to endure any severe weather. Strong gales is one of the most concerning element as well as the chance of rain. So the sculpture needs to withstand the force in a way that will not cause any